Thursday, April 3, 2008


Hello there, and welcome to my weblog. I've probably set some kind of world record in procrastination by waiting until every other human being has a blog before finally starting my own. Its not for lack of anything to say - my friends, family, employees and colleagues will tell you that I love to talk about the mobile industry, smartphones and the software applications that run on them.

There's an old saying that goes something like "May you live in interesting times". Twelve years into my own journey through the mobile industry and still counting, I can say that I am a lucky man indeed to have lived through and grown a business during a time when mobile computing has gone through astonishing change, upheaval and innovation.

My own relationship with mobile computing began when out of curiosity we picked up a funny little organizer called a "Palm Pilot" back in 1996. I saw that it was a great way to keep your appointments, but as a software developer I got totally buzzed when I found out you could actually develop your own software applications that could be loaded onto the device and perform useful add-on functions. I was hooked! I immediately decided to bet my company on what I saw as the future of computing.

Its been a long, strange trip since those early days, and I could probably start a small museum with the collection of PDA's, smartphones and other mobile devices of every imaginable shape and size that I have accumulated. Each product represents a point in the evolution of the mobile device from the earliest Palm Pilot to what has today become nothing short of a massive proliferation of smartphones, a thousand flowers blooming crazy, all simultaneously seeking the attention of the customer. A market that once was so completely dominated by one brand and one product (Palm!) now is hotly contested by the likes of RIM, Apple, Nokia, Google and Microsoft and the tale is not even close to the ending.

I am thrilled to be here at this time in the evolution of mobile computing, I truly feel we are in the middle of what amounts to a "Mobile Movement", and in this blog I hope to share some of the wonder and excitement I feel with those of you who are generous enough with your time to read my little posts. My goal here is to explore many aspects of the world of smartphones and other mobile devices, from my somewhat unique perspective as someone who designs and develops mobile software application products for a living. I hope and plan to cover topics as diverse as industry announcements, product reviews, thoughts on the future of mobile computing, and of course the business of creating mobile software products.

Thanks for reading this far, and I'll be talking to you soon!


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